OT Prayers Appealing to God’s Concern for His Own Glory

As I mentioned before, there are 77 tables in God’s Glory in Salvation through Judgment: A Biblical Theology, and I have permission from Crossway to make five of them available here for free. Each will be available for about 48 hours. The one linked in this post (cataloging prayers in the Old Testament that appeal to […]

And If We Refuse We’re Rebels

Erich Auerbach (Mimesis, 14-15) writes that the intent of biblical stories: “is not to bewitch the senses, and if nevertheless they produce lively sensory effects, it is only because the moral, religious, and psychological phenomena which are their sole concern are made concrete in the sensible matter of life. But their religious intent involves an […]

Slave Master, by Donald L. Hilton, Jr.

Patrick Schreiner is probably right: everyone looks at the same blogs. Still, I have noticed that I reach a "tipping point" in deciding whether to read something after several of the blogs I look at post on the same thing. So Thabiti first highlighted this, then JT blogged on it this morning, and I’m hoping […]

That the Generations to Come Might Praise the Lord

On January 31 it was my privilege to preach at Kemp Road Baptist Church in Dayton, Ohio. I attempted to set the role of the family in the wider context of God’s purposes in Old Testament theology, moving from the father’s role in Deuteronomy 6 to the king’s role as a father to his people […]

“Arise, O Star” at Songs of Southern Friday Night

Last summer I posted the lyrics to “Arise, O Star,” which is my attempt to put the Messiah in the Old Testament to music. This spring there was an invitation here at SBTS for folks to submit songs they had written, so I turned this one in along with another (an attempt to put the […]

How to Prepare for Second Semester Greek

Second semester Greek is done different ways in different places. Some places take two semesters to go through a grammar like Mounce’s, other places go through the elements of the language in one semester and jump into Syntax and Exegesis in the second semester. Here at SBTS, we do the latter, but before I address […]

Daily Reading of the NT in Greek

Lee Irons has done us all a great service in making available these helpful resources for planning your annual trip through the Greek NT: Annual Greek Reading Program (PDF 2 pp.)  Read-Greek Calendar 2008 (PDF 1 p.)  Read-Greek Calendar 2009 (PDF 1 p.)  The semester is almost over, which means that many students will have more time on […]

ESV Audio Bible

Justin Taylor has the details on the new ESV Audio Bible: From the ESV blog: ESV Hear the Word Audio Downloads—the audio found at the ESV Online Study Bible—are now available.Prices are $29.99 for the complete Bible, $19.99 for just the Old Testament, $14.99 for just the New Testament, $4.99 for Psalms and Proverbs, and […]

Interview with Thabiti on Being a Healthy Church Member (particularly as a seminarian)

Thabiti Anyabwile was kind enough to interact with me on topics related to his new book, What Is A Healthy Church Member? Our exchange is below. Enjoy! [JMH = me; TMA = Thabiti M. Anyabwile] ——— JMH: Dear Thabiti, Thanks for your service to us, brother. If I may, I’d like to ask you for […]

David Reimer on Learning Biblical Languages

David Reimer is one of three filling in for Justin Taylor this week, and I have found him to be an invariably stimulating person. Linking to another article, he had this to say about the learning of the biblical languages: Meanwhile, one of my jobs as a teacher of biblical languages is to get the […]

CCEF Annual Biblical Counseling Conference

Those interested in biblical counseling might want to consider attending the 2008 Annual Conference hosted by CCEF. This year’s theme is “The Addict in Us All.” I think this conference would be beneficial for anyone interested in (or practicing) biblical counseling.

Russell Moore on the Kingdom of the Crushed Skull

Dr. Moore writes: The Atlantic Monthly notes a recent study in the journal Psychological Science that suggests that “humans may have a built-in aversion to snakes and their hissing, slithering, menacing ways.” Researchers at the University of Virginia studied 120 preschool-age children and their parents to pick up reactions to images of various things, including […]

Reading the Greek New Testament

Lee Irons has some good advice on Reading through the Greek New Testament year by year. He has even worked up a one year calendar for doing it. If anyone knows of similar resources for the Old Testament in Hebrew (and/or Greek), I would be grateful to know of them. He is also putting together […]