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  1. Out of interest. (and seeing that you work within this area). In Australia, a large number of evangelical churches are now proclaiming the existance of demon possession. (in the likes of epilepsy etc). I see in the above news piece you refute the subjects notions of such things. Would you deal with the above phenomena in the same way?

  2. Natalie,

    Thanks for your note. I believe everything the Bible says, and I believe that we should get our worldview from the Bible rather than forcing the Bible to fit the worldview we bring to it. Thus, if the Bible says that people can be possessed by demons, and if the Bible says that sometimes illnesses that people have are the result of demonic oppression, I believe that.

    What I want to insist on is that we be right with what the Bible says. My concern is that some people who tend to focus on this kind of thing don’t always stay with what the text says. They start inventing things that the Bible never addresses.

    Hope this helps!


  3. G’day from Australia Jim,
    I wanted to email you but can’t find an email address (maybe my glasses have had it)
    I downloaded and am listening to your series on the Holy Spirit’s Indwelling and agree strongly with much, if not all, you have said. Have you read Oswald J Smith’s work (not “the enduement of power” whiich shows little thought, rather his later work) and Campbell Morgan’s work on the fullness of the Spirit in Acts. I was impressed that both of these men, in their maturer years, came to the conclusion on Luke’s use of “Filled with the Spirit” and “Full of the Spirit” that you have come to; that one use speaks of a temporary enduement of power for a special work, and the other of a lifestyle characteristic of godliness.
    Thank you for your good work on this tough area, which is rarely discussed today with the effectiveness and care that you have shown.
    Every Blessing (oops we got them all already! Eph 1:3)

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