Reading the Greek New Testament

Lee Irons has some good advice on Reading through the Greek New Testament year by year. He has even worked up a one year calendar for doing it. If anyone knows of similar resources for the Old Testament in Hebrew (and/or Greek), I would be grateful to know of them.

He is also putting together syntactical notes on the Greek New Testament, which you can get to by scrolling down this page until you see the heading “Greek New Testament.”

If you decide to read through the Greek New Testament, be careful. The things in that book got most of its authors killed, and when people have taken it seriously in the history of the church, crazy things like the reformation have happened and some folks even got themselves burned at the stake.

The Greek New Testament is decidedly unsafe. If you embrace it, you will be hated (see John 15:18-20). To paraphrase Lester De Koster: there it is, throbbing on your desk, the living word of God.

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  1. They hate on you if you preach the New Testament in English too. In fact they hate on you for preaching the Old Testament too. I found the quickest way to destroy a promising career in ministry is to prach God’s Word.

  2. My only thoughts on the OT have been to follow the Masoretes’ Seder and Parasah, though these aren’t necessarily one year through the Hebrew Bible.

  3. Thanks very much for this old post I just ran across. I’m a seminary student trying to find a good GNT to read for myself. Do you have any recommendations concerning which GNT is the “best” text? My professors recommend the Nestlé-Aland, but I wanted a tenth opinion.

    Thanks again.

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