Daily Reading of the NT in Greek

Lee Irons has done us all a great service in making available these helpful resources for planning your annual trip through the Greek NT:

Annual Greek Reading Program (PDF 2 pp.) 
Read-Greek Calendar 2008 (PDF 1 p.) 
Read-Greek Calendar 2009 (PDF 1 p.) 

The semester is almost over, which means that many students will have more time on their hands in December and January. Devoting yourself to healthy doses of reading the Greek New Testament will be a far, far better use of your time than watching men in tights, helmets, and shoulder pads gladiate over a leather ball in front of screaming thousands. When we come to the end of our days I suspect we will wish we had spent more time reading the Bible and less time watching television.

An alternative to reading through the NT in Greek according to the calendars linked above is simply to read approximately 25 verses a day. If you do that every day, you will get through the NT in a year’s time. Of course, there’s no reason to avoid reading more than that in a day’s time, and there’s no reason to avoid reading through the NT in Greek more than once a year. . . but time and chance happen to us all (Eccl 9:11).

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  1. I heard a professor at A&M that taught Classical Greek once say that he read Greek everyday and it took him ten years before he got to where he could think in Greek. Daily reading in Greek are important imo even if it’s just a fairly small portion.

  2. Disgusting. You should resign your post in shame. How dare you watch you alma mater beat the BAPTIST out of Denny Burk’s team.

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