ESV Audio Bible

Justin Taylor has the details on the new ESV Audio Bible:

From the ESV blog:

ESV Hear the Word Audio Downloads—the audio found at the ESV Online Study Bible—are now available.Prices are $29.99 for the complete Bible, $19.99 for just the Old Testament, $14.99 for just the New Testament, $4.99 for Psalms and Proverbs, and $4.99 for the Gospels.

The complete Gospel of John is available for free download, as are a few other samples. As always, the ESV Online Study Bible lets you stream any passage you’d like.

This recording is by David Cochran Heath. Heath is a veteran stage actor, performing in more than one hundred productions. He has recorded many audio books, including Christian classics by Thomas a Kempis, Francis Schaeffer, and John Piper.

If you’re technically inclined, after you buy, you can choose the bitrate that best meets your needs: 128 KBps (4 GB for the complete Bible), 64 KBps (2 GB for the complete Bible) or 32 KBps (1 GB for the complete Bible). Unless you’re an audiophile, we recommend 64 KBps as the best balance between file size and audio quality.

The ESV Hear the Word Bible is also available as a physical product: on 59 CDs ($99.99) or 7 MP3 CDs ($49.99).

You’ll also notice a new button on the right, a link to the site where the ESV Audio Bible can be downloaded.

May the word dwell in us richly!

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