Slave Master, by Donald L. Hilton, Jr.

Patrick Schreiner is probably right: everyone looks at the same blogs. Still, I have noticed that I reach a "tipping point" in deciding whether to read something after several of the blogs I look at post on the same thing. So Thabiti first highlighted this, then JT blogged on it this morning, and I’m hoping that people who look at those blogs and mine but aren’t convinced yet will go read this essay from Salvo by Donald L. Hilton, Jr, "Slave Master: How Pornography Drugs and Changes Your Brain."

Here’s a paragraph on some of the moral issues involved:

Pornography has become the sex education venue for the majority of the next generation, an internet candy store, and it teaches that sex is physically and emotionally harmless, with no negative consequences. Men and women are mere visual drugs to be used and discarded, and sex is solely for personal pleasure. The truth, of course, it that those who actually perform sexually to make the pornography are consumed and discarded by pornographers; they are “throwaway people,” as Dr. C. Everett Koop called them.

Read the whole thing, and pray for yourself, your children, and those you love. Hilton writes:

Pornography wants you, it wants your husband or wife, it wants your son and daughter, your grandchildren, and your in-laws. It doesn’t share well, and it doesn’t leave easily. It is a cruel master, and seeks more slaves.

There’s a Dark Lord who is using pornography to ensnare and enslave, a deeper evil behind Sauron’s voice. God help us to love people, and God help us to resist the siren songs that ancient Dragon, who is the Devil and Satan, uses to lure souls onto the rocks of destruction.

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