Now Available: The Sacred Text

Newly released from Gorgias Press: Michael F. Bird and Michael W. Pahl, eds. The Sacred Text: Excavating the Texts, Exploring the Interpretations, and Engaging the Theologies of the Christian Scriptures. Gorgias Précis Portfolios 7. Piscataway, N.J.: Gorgias, 2010. Contents Introduction: From Manuscript to MP3 – Michael F. Bird The History of the Texts The Septuagint […]

Chris Castaldo’s Holy Ground

There are loads of Roman Catholics here in Louisville. Our neighbors on both sides of us are Roman Catholic, so I’m thrilled to see the publication of Chris Castaldo’s Holy Ground: Walking with Jesus as a Former Roman Catholic. I would commend this book to anyone interested in seeing the gospel believed by Roman Catholics. […]

Revelation 9-12, Four Recent Sermons

It has been my privilege to be preaching through the book of Revelation, and here are my four most recent sermons at Kenwood Baptist Church: 10-11-2009 – Revelation 12:1-17 The Seed of the Woman Versus the Seed of the Serpent 09-20-2009 – Revelation 11:1-19 Bearing Witness til Kingdom Come 09-13-2009 – Revelation 10:1-11 Eat This […]

Greg Wills’ History of Southern Seminary

It’s out: Gregory A. Wills, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1859-2009 It is my understanding that today is its first day being sold at the Lifeway Store on the SBTS campus. I was browsing the book and was surprised to see Scott Hafemann’s name. I won’t type up the whole story surrounding his name, but it […]

Hyde Park Baptist Church in Cincinnati This Saturday and Sunday

It will be my privilege to speak at Hyde Park Baptist Church of Cincinnati’s Second Annual Bible Conference this Saturday and Sunday. Lord willing, here is the schedule we will follow: Saturday Afternoon  1. An Overview of the Seven Letters, Revelation 2:1-3:22 The Risen Christ to the Seven Churches  2. The First and Last Letter, […]