Intended Allegory in the Song of Songs?

For a number of years now learned interpreters of Scripture have been telling us that the Song of Songs is (primarily) about human love. I put the word primarily in parentheses in that last sentence for a reason. I had grown so accustomed to the emphasis on human love in the Song that I had […]

The Best Sermon I’ve Ever Heard on Marriage

Denny Burk preached the best sermon I’ve ever heard on marriage at Kenwood Baptist Church this morning. It was prophetic, powerful, piercing, and poetic. Denny’s introduction was prophetic: We all found out last month what the President of the United States thinks about marriage. He sat down for an interview with ABC News and announced […]

A Biblical Theology of Gender in Chicago

If you’re in the Chicago-land area I’d love to see you on February 25, 2012 at the Iron Sharpens Iron conference. Kenny Luck and Voddie Baucham are the keynote speakers, and I’ll be doing a seminar on “A Biblical Theology of Gender.” Details on this page. May God help us to man-up and be Christlike.

What Higher Priv’lege Could I Have?

What higher priv’lege could I have, Than loving you as Christ the church? A nobler charge I could not ask, So far beyond my just deserts. Is there a greater task than this: To nourish you as one with me? No tale in life more epic is, No song more challenging to sing. How could […]

She Wields Her Weapons Too

I got to see the battle-front, She stayed to fight at home. The enemy I saw at work, She didn’t get to roam. I smelt the smoke and saw the flames, She took care of our kids. The fray I joined with the s-word of God, Some more homeschool she did. I got to see […]

Jeremiah 2:1–3:5, Will You Drink Sludge or Living Water?

Imagine a wedding, with the bride standing at the doors in the back about to enter the worship hall for the ceremony. She’s dressed in her gown, and her friend Jerry is standing by one of the doors, ready to fling it open when the moment comes. Just at that moment a well dressed older […]

Revelation 19:1–10, The Harlot and the Bride

It was my privilege to preach about the downfall of the harlot Babylon and the readiness of the bride for which Christ died, the bride invited to the wedding feast like no other, on June 19, 2011 at Randolph Street Baptist Church in Charleston, WV: Revelation 19:1–10, The Harlot and the Bride This sermon has […]

“The Mystery of Marriage” from For the Fame of God’s Name

Praise God for marriage! What gift can be compared to this one? Who but God could have come up with something so good? Crossway has kindly granted permission for me to post my essay from the Piper Festschrift: James M. Hamilton Jr., “The Mystery of Marriage,” pages 253-71 in For the Fame of God’s Name: […]

About This Time Thirteen Years Ago

It is 11am, September 17, 2010. About this time thirteen years ago, September 17, 1997, I was sitting in the dining hall on the campus of Dallas Theological Seminary, having lunch with my good friend Denny Burk. Up walked a young lady who began to converse with Denny, and my life was changed forever for […]

Happy Birthday, Sweet Wife!

God’s best gift to me (excepting salvation) was born on this day. What a gift! Mere words could never communicate my gratitude and joy at being married to this woman. Thanks be to God, and thanks be to Jillian Ashley Hamilton for marrying me. Hallelujah! On this day I think of the little book put […]

The Latest Issue of JBMW

The latest issue of JBMW has appeared. Tom Schreiner has an important review of Philip Barton Payne’s new book, and a sermon that I preached a few years ago at Northwestern College (Minneapolis, MN) in their Chapel has been published. Every item in the table of the contents looks like an interesting read: Denny Burk Editorial […]

Denton Bible Holding the Line

I am glad to see that Denton Bible Church is standing strong on the complementarian point of view by hosting an important series of messages on Women in Ministry. If you’re in the Dallas area, I would encourage you to attend the events described below in the letter from Tom Nelson of Denton Bible. May […]