Bock on 1 Timothy 2:12 in the NIV 2011

Commenting on places where he agrees and disagrees with the CBMW statement, Darrell Bock writes: 1 Timothy 2:12 This is a key example where the CBMW is correct. It may well be that this is the text that matters most to the CBMW. It is 1 Timothy 2:12. The NIV has “assume authority” “have authority” […]

Is Eve a Type in 1 Timothy 2:15? Some Thoughts on Typology and Biblical Theology

A colleague asked me about Mary Kassian’s post “Women, Typology, and 1 Timothy 2:15,” which has now been reposted at the CBMW blog. My colleague’s concern was whether the appeal to typology was fanciful or legitimate. Here’s my response: Earle Ellis (in the preface to Goppelt’s Typos) states that typology consists of historical correspondence and […]

Payne Alleges Censorship and Editorial Abuse of Privilege

Here are another couple of paragraphs omitted from my review of Payne’s book. Those who disagree with Payne are accused of censorship, misrepresentation, blatant falsehood, and uncritical thinking: Payne suggests that when Douglas J. Moo, as editor of Trinity Journal, did not publish a particular egalitarian’s submission, Moo practiced “censorship” (120 n. 13, cf. 411 […]

How Payne Responds to His Critics

Here’s a paragraph that I cut from my review of Payne, Man and Woman, One in Christ: Payne typically answers his critics with argumentum verbosium or “proof by verbosity.” Craig Blomberg wrote a 2,200 word review of the book under review here,[1] and Payne posted a 3,600 word comment in response. Tom Schreiner reviewed the […]

HCSB Study Bible

The English language is blessed to have a variety of good translations of the Bible, and I think it’s good that in these translations we have something of a spectrum that moves from readability on one end to literalness on the other. As I think about it, the most literal translation is still the New […]

About This Time Thirteen Years Ago

It is 11am, September 17, 2010. About this time thirteen years ago, September 17, 1997, I was sitting in the dining hall on the campus of Dallas Theological Seminary, having lunch with my good friend Denny Burk. Up walked a young lady who began to converse with Denny, and my life was changed forever for […]

The Latest Issue of JBMW

The latest issue of JBMW has appeared. Tom Schreiner has an important review of Philip Barton Payne’s new book, and a sermon that I preached a few years ago at Northwestern College (Minneapolis, MN) in their Chapel has been published. Every item in the table of the contents looks like an interesting read: Denny Burk Editorial […]