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The English language is blessed to have a variety of good translations of the Bible, and I think it’s good that in these translations we have something of a spectrum that moves from readability on one end to literalness on the other. As I think about it, the most literal translation is still the New American Standard. In former days I would have said that the most readable translation was the NIV, but now I think that the HCSB has every right to supercede the NIV. The HCSB is more current and more literal, while maintaining fluid readability.

Do you want a readable translation that you can trust? The HCSB is now the translation for you. And congratulations to B&H on the release of the HCSB Study Bible. I commend this handsome volume to you. It will help you understand the Bible. They’ve also produced a nice website where you can access the translation and study notes.

The translation has established itself in the top tier of English Bible translations, and the translation is now presented with a wealth of useful information in the HCSB Study Bible.

I commend the translation to you without reservation, and the Study Bible will be another resource to consult as you study. May the Word of God run in our generation.

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  1. I am sorry but I do not prefer the HSBC. I think it is a sloppy translation. While it may be more literal than the NIV, it just does not read well as the NIV. I have read portions of the Apologetic Study Bible and loved the notes and think their Student Bible is a great visual tools for students, I just cannot see myself using the HSBC. I love the ESV and NASB.

  2. I almost agree with Chris except Bible translation fights are dead. Part of being blessed with so many good translations is using them all to aid your study and recommending different ones depending on your audience.

  3. I would gave to say that the best translation is the one that you will read. I tend to favor the NIV. I tried using the ESV in witnessing to non believers, but the awkward English made it almost impossible to use with someone who had never had any exposure to God’s Word. Both the NIV and HCSB use English that most people use. At least that’s my experience.

  4. Hi

    I am not a Bible scholar, just a Christian that likes to read the word of God in various translations. I am yet to find one thats perfect, in my view the NASB, NIV, ESV, KJV, HCSB & the NLT ((and more)) all have their place. We are not all educated to the same level and we don’t all use English in the same way.

    For me the choice of words used in the HCSB is not prefect but it’s one of the better options. What I like about this study version is that it makes you want to read it. The typeface is clear, the use of colour is great, the maps, pictures and study notes all help. Most study bibles have small text and are not easy to read so spend most of their life’s on the bookshelf and are just used once in a while to check a point. The HCSB Study Bible could be used both as a regular bible to read and for bible study.

    Frankly I would prefer most people to buy a range of reference translations, a note book, a pen and a highlighter and get to working making their own study bible. However thats not going to happen and I for one would prefer people to read this than something like The Message or worse still nothing at all.

    Just my view


  5. Thanks Dr. Hamilton for your endorsement of the HCSB. I agree with you on the excellence of this translation.

    Early on in the translation process I contacted Holman concerning some questions I had about some of their translation choices. They sent me back a lengthy email answering my questions. I felt that they answered the questions thoroughly and to my satisfaction.

    As a pastor, I realize that the English language enjoys an “embarrassment of riches” when it comes to Bible translations. But, I for one am incredibly thankful for translations like the HCSB that exalt the Lord Jesus Christ by faithfully communicating God’s Word in good and contemporary English.

    Thanks again brother for your encouraging words!

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