HCSB Study Bible

The English language is blessed to have a variety of good translations of the Bible, and I think it’s good that in these translations we have something of a spectrum that moves from readability on one end to literalness on the other. As I think about it, the most literal translation is still the New American Standard. In former days I would have said that the most readable translation was the NIV, but now I think that the HCSB has every right to supercede the NIV. The HCSB is more current and more literal, while maintaining fluid readability.

Do you want a readable translation that you can trust? The HCSB is now the translation for you. And congratulations to B&H on the release of the HCSB Study Bible. I commend this handsome volume to you. It will help you understand the Bible. They’ve also produced a nice website where you can access the translation and study notes.

The translation has established itself in the top tier of English Bible translations, and the translation is now presented with a wealth of useful information in the HCSB Study Bible.

I commend the translation to you without reservation, and the Study Bible will be another resource to consult as you study. May the Word of God run in our generation.

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