She Wields Her Weapons Too

I got to see the battle-front,
She stayed to fight at home.
The enemy I saw at work,
She didn’t get to roam.

I smelt the smoke and saw the flames,
She took care of our kids.
The fray I joined with the s-word of God,
Some more homeschool she did.

I got to see the fighters,
On the spiritu’l front lines,
Inspired by their hope and faith,
And how their courage shines.

She got to do the laundry,
And put the kids in bed,
She made their meals and got them dressed,
And held fast in her stead.

Without her, be here I could not,
She fights this fight with me.
I wish that she could see the front,
And feel the urgency,

For though she may not see it,
She wields her weapons too,
And holds the line and joins the charge,
In our cause most good and true.

Sunday, December 9, 2011

Composed overseas in honor of my sweet wife, who championed the cause of the gospel on the home-front, mothering our four children, while I was teaching the Bible to people training for ministry on the other side of the world.

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  1. Thank you for these words.
    So very true. Quiet, often hidden from most all but One, without fanfare or public celebration…but immeasurably important and crucial, the work of homekeeping and mothering.
    May we love our wives and may they hear in their own hearts the echoes of the coming ‘Well done, thou faithful!’
    And may we their men rise up and bless them ourselves, as you have here.
    And may God bless you, your wife, and your children with a very blessed Christmas!

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