The Debate about Shouwang Church

Here’s an interesting article about what is taking place in China: “The Debate about Shouwang Church.” I have a proposition, then a question prompted by the article, then brief thoughts on Paul’s response to such situations: Proposition: The Chinese government is wickedly persecuting Christians and opposing God and his gospel. May God break the teeth […]

The Messianic Woes in the Old and New Testaments: Limited Time Offer

As noted earlier, Crossway is allowing me to post some Tables from God’s Glory in Salvation through Judgment: A Biblical Theology. This is the third of the five that will be posted here, and it seeks to provide background for statements like the one in Colossians 1:24, “Now I rejoice in my suffering for your […]

Recommended Book: The Flames of Rome by Paul Maier

On the strength of recommendations from Justin Taylor and Andy Naselli, I bought and read Paul Maier’s novel The Flames of Rome, and now I’m adding my voice to the chorus of recommendations for this book. Maier begins in the reign of Claudius and takes his reader to the end of the reign of Nero […]

Gay Rights Prevent Christians from Being Foster Parents in the UK

Faithful Christian grandparents who have fostered 15 children already have “were told by a court yesterday that gay rights ‘should take precedence’ over their religious beliefs.” And the video below shows an interesting discussion on the issue. The first speaker tries to link opposition to homosexuality and racism, and then a man who claims to […]