Gay Rights Prevent Christians from Being Foster Parents in the UK

Faithful Christian grandparents who have fostered 15 children already have “were told by a court yesterday that gay rights ‘should take precedence’ over their religious beliefs.”

And the video below shows an interesting discussion on the issue. The first speaker tries to link opposition to homosexuality and racism, and then a man who claims to be a gay atheist warns that the state could introduce a new version of morality that could turn out to be oppressive and tyrannical:

HT: Dan Phillips

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  1. This was an interesting conversation, but it did not turn out to be what I thought it was going to be. I definitely had a preconceived idea of what Mr. Starkey (the gay atheist) would say, but I was completely wrong and very pleasantly surprised. I also like how Mr Halligan put the issue into perspective. The response from the government people was completely expected however. Ten years ago they wouldn’t even consider gay marriage or adoptions. But they are a bunch of liberals that have been so cajoled by the vocal homosexual lobby that they now consider loving, heterosexual homes to be too dangerous environments to take care of orphaned children. I wonder how much selection went on to get what seemed to be such a balanced audience (which is not to say that it is in any way, shape or form representative of British society)?

    Carrying on from Mr. Hannigan’s point, it also got me to wondering how many 5-8 year olds a) have gender or sexual orientation confusion issues and b) know and can articulate it at that age. I imagine we are talking about a very small number of children within the foster care system. So then, we need to ask whether it is better to keep children in orphanages rather than put them in homes with loving parents (isn’t this the argument the homosexual lobby uses to push their same-sex adoption agenda?) on the very small risk that a homosexual child will be placed with a Christian couple?

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