New Biblical Theology Blog

Today marks the launch of a new biblical theology blog. I’ll be collaborating with Desi Alexander, Mike Bird, and Steve Dempster. Here’s the blog’s purpose: “For the glory of God, in service to the church, this blog exists to promote the study and discussion of biblical theology’s history, methodology, aims, achievements, developments, direction, and points […]

A Trophy of Grace Proclaims the Gospel

In the mercy and providence of God, my younger brother, David, became a Christian in March of this year. He has an insightful account of what happened in his brain as the Lord drew him, and there’s a lot of other good stuff on his blog, too. By the way, note that I referred to […]

New Blog from Juan Sanchez

I mentioned meeting new friends at the Southern Baptist Convention last week, and one of them, whom I met only briefly, was Juan Sanchez, who gives his own thoughts on the SBC meeting here. Juan is the pastor of High Pointe Baptist Church in Austin, TX. High Pointe has a fascinating history, is a Southern […]

Eric Redmond Joins the Blogroll

One of the great blessings of the blog-world is that it helps us find like-minded people. I am delighted to announce the new blog of Pastor Eric Redmond, Senior Pastor of Hillcrest Baptist Church in Temple Hills, MD.  Thabiti has interviewed Eric here, and you can check out Eric’s blog here. May the Lord use […]

Michael Haykin on Francis Wayland

We Baptists would do well to know more of our heritage, and Michael Haykin, principal of Toronto Baptist Seminary, is one from whom we have much to learn. Read his post on Francis Wayland, president of Brown University (which was a Baptist school) here. Students of history will also want to check out Dr. Haykin’s […]

Theowonk: Aspiring Theologian of the Cross

An anonymous blog has been brought to my attention. The opening post explains the clever pseudonym under which the blogger posts and concerns the pursuit of wisdom–knowing God and walking before him. It looks like this blogger likes the theology of Martin Luther, as reflected in the name of the blog, Theologia Crucis.