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New Getty Music Blog

Modern Irish hymn writers Keith and Kristyn Getty (“In Christ Alone,” and many more) now have a blog.

May the Lord continue to bless them.

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Hurtado Enters the Blogosphere

If you’re interested in biblical studies, here’s a site to add to your reader:

Larry Hurtado’s Blog

Here’s my review of one of his recent books, Earliest Christian Artifacts.

HT: Mike Bird

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New Biblical Theology Blog

Today marks the launch of a new biblical theology blog. I’ll be collaborating with Desi Alexander, Mike Bird, and Steve Dempster. Here’s the blog’s purpose: “For the glory of God, in service to the church, this blog exists to promote the study and discussion of biblical theology’s history, methodology, aims, achievements, developments, direction, and points of contact with other approaches to the study of the Bible.”

Other contributors may be added later, but for now we’ll be posting together at Biblical Theology. In the initial post the contributors are introduced: “Posting from Ireland, Scotland (by an Australian), Canada, and the United States, we are excited about the international character of this blog, and we hope it will serve you well. We seek to know God in Christ by the power of the Spirit as revealed in the Bible.”

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A Trophy of Grace Proclaims the Gospel

In the mercy and providence of God, my younger brother, David, became a Christian in March of this year. He has an insightful account of what happened in his brain as the Lord drew him, and there’s a lot of other good stuff on his blog, too.

By the way, note that I referred to him as my “younger” brother not my “little” brother. Since he grew to be almost 6 feet 7 inches tall, he’s bigger than I am! Thus explaining his blog address,, as well.

I Praise God for his mercy to our family!

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SWBTS Bloggers

I am thrilled to see this new site:

This site will link to the blogs of the faculty and students of Southwestern Seminary.

Let the word go forth!

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New Mooney Blog

It’s always encouraging when solid thinkers join the blogosphere. Today it’s my privilege to point to a blog that has just come to my attention.

I met Jeff Mooney while we were both students at SBTS. We didn’t get to spend a lot of time together, but everything I know about him I respect and appreciate. He arrived at SBTS to study under Paul House, and the published version of his dissertation on the Day of Atonement in Leviticus 16 should be out in the near future from Edwin Mellen Press.

He now teaches at California Baptist University and serves a local church. Check out his new blog here.

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Breaking News: New 9Marks Blog

Check it out here.

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New Blog from Juan Sanchez

I mentioned meeting new friends at the Southern Baptist Convention last week, and one of them, whom I met only briefly, was Juan Sanchez, who gives his own thoughts on the SBC meeting here. Juan is the pastor of High Pointe Baptist Church in Austin, TX. High Pointe has a fascinating history, is a Southern Baptist Church, holds to the New Hampshire confession, and is led by a plurality of elders.

If I were in Austin, I would check out HPBC, but for those of us not in Austin, we can listen to or watch sermons here, and there’s even a sermon from Greg Wills on the History of the SBC. In the service that I watched, Pastor Juan began by bringing all the kids in the service up to the front, then he started catechizing them! Teaching the parents what to do with their kids and plugging the Catechism for Boys and Girls. Good stuff.

Keep an eye on Juan’s blog.

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Eric Redmond Joins the Blogroll

One of the great blessings of the blog-world is that it helps us find like-minded people.

I am delighted to announce the new blog of Pastor Eric Redmond, Senior Pastor of Hillcrest Baptist Church in Temple Hills, MD. 
Thabiti has interviewed Eric here, and you can check out Eric’s blog here.

May the Lord use A Man From Issachar and the people who will connect with him and Hillcrest Baptist through it to spread revival and reformation in our day!

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A Prophet in the Wilderness

My friend Jimmy Stanfield has finally started a blog. This brother is thoughtful and interesting, reads voraciously, and often has a way of helping one see the world through gospel lenses.

May the nails ring out on The Wittenberg Door, and may we hear the voice of this one calling in the wilderness, "Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!"

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Michael Haykin on Francis Wayland

We Baptists would do well to know more of our heritage, and Michael Haykin, principal of Toronto Baptist Seminary, is one from whom we have much to learn. Read his post on Francis Wayland, president of Brown University (which was a Baptist school) here.

Students of history will also want to check out Dr. Haykin’s website, where you can read his writings, hear his lectures, and be blessed by his fascinating “favorite quotes.” I was especially interested in the project he is participating in to produce the Works of Andrew Fuller. Andrew Fuller was a five point Calvinist who argued, with William Carey, that the Gospel should be indiscriminately proclaimed to all. He “held the rope” when Carey “went into the pit.” Let’s hope the works of Fuller are more affordable than the works of Jonathan Edwards (!), and let’s hope that the combination of theological acumen and missionary fervor that characterized Carey and Fuller will fill the hearts and minds of Baptists.

I hope to download and listen to some of Dr. Haykin’s lectures in the near future. There are 12 historical lectures on everyone from Irenaeus to William Cowper. Enjoy!

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Theowonk: Aspiring Theologian of the Cross

An anonymous blog has been brought to my attention. The opening post explains the clever pseudonym under which the blogger posts and concerns the pursuit of wisdom–knowing God and walking before him. It looks like this blogger likes the theology of Martin Luther, as reflected in the name of the blog, Theologia Crucis.

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The Inside Scoop: Mark Overstreet’s New Blog

When I finished up my schooling at SBTS, in God's great mercy, I was blessed with a job here at SWBTS Houston. I am so thankful to be where I am, and I praise God for blessing me with this place of service. I say that because of what I am about to say: most people blessed with places of service upon completion of their Ph.D. programs become lowly Assistant Professors like me. Assistant Professor doesn't mean I'm an assistant to some other professor, they really do let me teach, but it does mean that in the academic world, I'm the low man on the totem pole.

Other people, by contrast, before they even finish their Ph.D. programs, become Vice Presidents! Well, okay, so I only know one person who became a Vice President of a college before he even finished his dissertation: Mark Overstreet. Dr. Overstreet has a new blog, and as he is one of the most knowledgeable people I know, I'll be checking this page often. I'm sure you'll want to mark this page as well.

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Les Bollinger joins the blogroll!

While Jill and I were in Louisville studying at Southern, we worshiped at Clifton Baptist Church. It was a joy to be a part of that vibrant body, and it is a joy to see where the Lord has taken the members of that body.

I recently heard from Les Bollinger, with whom we worshiped at Clifton, and I am rejoiced to know that he is now pastoring in Beaver, PA and blogging at

Les is a faithful pastor scholar, who, from what I know of him, loves God, loves God’s word, and loves God’s people. May his tribe increase!

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