Michael Haykin on Francis Wayland

We Baptists would do well to know more of our heritage, and Michael Haykin, principal of Toronto Baptist Seminary, is one from whom we have much to learn. Read his post on Francis Wayland, president of Brown University (which was a Baptist school) here.

Students of history will also want to check out Dr. Haykin’s website, where you can read his writings, hear his lectures, and be blessed by his fascinating “favorite quotes.” I was especially interested in the project he is participating in to produce the Works of Andrew Fuller. Andrew Fuller was a five point Calvinist who argued, with William Carey, that the Gospel should be indiscriminately proclaimed to all. He “held the rope” when Carey “went into the pit.” Let’s hope the works of Fuller are more affordable than the works of Jonathan Edwards (!), and let’s hope that the combination of theological acumen and missionary fervor that characterized Carey and Fuller will fill the hearts and minds of Baptists.

I hope to download and listen to some of Dr. Haykin’s lectures in the near future. There are 12 historical lectures on everyone from Irenaeus to William Cowper. Enjoy!

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