New Blog from Juan Sanchez

I mentioned meeting new friends at the Southern Baptist Convention last week, and one of them, whom I met only briefly, was Juan Sanchez, who gives his own thoughts on the SBC meeting here. Juan is the pastor of High Pointe Baptist Church in Austin, TX. High Pointe has a fascinating history, is a Southern Baptist Church, holds to the New Hampshire confession, and is led by a plurality of elders.

If I were in Austin, I would check out HPBC, but for those of us not in Austin, we can listen to or watch sermons here, and there’s even a sermon from Greg Wills on the History of the SBC. In the service that I watched, Pastor Juan began by bringing all the kids in the service up to the front, then he started catechizing them! Teaching the parents what to do with their kids and plugging the Catechism for Boys and Girls. Good stuff.

Keep an eye on Juan’s blog.

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