The folks at College Park Church in Indianapolis know how to throw a party. I don’t think I’ve ever spoken at a more encouraging church, and I praise God for the way the pastors set the tone for the whole church to receive the word of God with enthusiasm. It was a blessing, too, to have them take such good care of my sweet wife and our kids. I was supposed to be ministering to them, but they were the ones ministering to us!

This past weekend it was my privilege to preach five times at THINK|13 at College Park Church in Indianapolis (photos here). The theme was “Finding Your Place in God’s Story.” Here are the titles linked up to the audio for the five sessions:

In an attempt to help folks remember these session themes, I opened by introducing a “memory palace” inspired by Moonwalking with Einstein. You can hear all about that in the audio for the first session.

Hoping to encapsulate the big story of the Bible and the five sessions, I attempted a poem for the conclusion of the fifth message.

What a blessing to be with the people of God, and what a blessing to have God’s word, which reveals to us the salvation planned by the Father, accomplished by the Son, applied by the Spirit.

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