As Deserts Are with Sands

Set in vast realms of space
Across an untold time
The sprawling story he creates,
Sings the song sublime.

The music pure made matter hard,
The words became the real.
What is was built by his mere word,
The worlds the words do feel.

A garden sprang up from the song,
Replete with sacred tree,
The sounds had no notes in them wrong,
Though people there were free.

So when they chose to disobey,
Transgress God’s holy word,
The judgment wrought a disarray,
Unsheathing death’s sharp sword.

He sang again in Egypt land
His people to redeem.
By outstretched arm and his strong hand,
The Lord made freedom ring.

At Sinai Ten Words Yahweh spoke,
The people ate and played,
At Sinai tablets Moses broke
When golden calf was made.

In mercy wide with steadfast love
The Lord he made a way
Through trackless waste, bread from above,
Water from rock he gave.

Like Adam then the people sinned,
Transgressed the holy word,
Forsook their faithful only friend,
The Lord, their Shepherd.

Like Adam then from the land,
Israel was driven,
With consequences of command,
Asunder they were riven.

The covenant was broken,
The marriage bond no more,
Yet the Lord had spoken,
Of hope beyond death’s door.

And then the bridegroom came,
Prophesied of old,
Then heard the deaf and walked the lame,
And word was spoken bold.

To kill him his own people sought,
The murderer went free.
Salvation on the tree was wrought,
Mysterious to see.

While they meant evil God meant good,
A remnant he would save,
In whose place condemned he stood,
Then rose up from the grave.

Someday soon he’ll split the skies,
The trumpet call resound,
From their graves the dead will rise,
At white throne gather round.

Wheat from chaff, sheep from goats,
The Lord will separate.
Those who made the cross their boast,
Who sought the narrow gate,
Will on that day reward receive,
Who claimed Christ as their Lord,
Who in him with whole heart believed,
Clinging to his word.

And glory bright and glory fair
Will cover the dry lands,
Full as heavens are with air,
Or deserts are with sands.

The Lord will have his way on earth,
His Kingdom he will bring,
So through the pangs of this childbirth,
In faith and hope we sing.

[composed Thursday, February 28, 2013]

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  1. It takes an adept theologian to squeeze so much content into so few verses. And it takes a adept writer to do it so well. Excellent job–thank you for sharing!

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