The History and Future of Redemption: Isaiah 6 in Acts 28

Back in September of 2009 I had the privilege of participating in the Evening of Eschatology, and the next day I gave a lecture to the students of The Bethlehem College and Seminary. I knew the lecture had been recorded, but I didn’t know it was online until just now, when I received an email asking for my notes, which are too sparse to pass on.

In this lecture I’m trying to set Isaiah 6:9–10 in the context of the big story of the Bible and look particularly at how and why this text is quoted in all four gospels and at the end of the book of Acts. If you’re interested in a little biblical theology, here you go:

2010-09-28 – Hamilton – HD 720p Video Sharing from Bethlehem College and Seminary on Vimeo.

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  1. I would like to challenge Dr. JMH with the following questions:
    A. Clearly, there is a background that has entered into your thinking because the older professors that I am familiar with at DTS do not share your sweeping overview regarding the temple. I am referring to DR. Stanley Toussaint, Dr. SLJohnson Jr. Dr. Waalvoord, DR. Ryrie.
    B. My question is where did this background to share this message at Behlehem come from in your honest estimation…Did you sit under Dr. Beale for several years and learn from him this story of the temple?
    C. Based on several of the questionners at this lecture, it is clear that they are not informed of this conceptual scheme of the various exiles and exoduses and how it relates to end times fulfillment.

    David Perlmutter

    1. Thanks for your note, David,

      Most of it came from G. K. Beale’s book, The Temple and the Church’s Mission, which I found very persuasive.

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