Brothers, Bitzer Was a Banker: Welcoming a new edition of Brothers, We Are Not Professionals

I’m glad that B&H has brought an updated and expanded edition of John Piper’s Brothers, We Are Not Professionals, not least because of the chapter entitled, “Brothers, Bitzer Was a Banker.”

You can read an earlier version of this chapter here.

May the Lord make us people of the book. And may ministers and those training for ministry be inspired to give themselves to the biblical languages.

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  1. That was the chapter that struck me the most deeply the first time I read the book. God used it as a catalyst to shake me out of my apathy for Hebrew. I’m praying God uses it to motivate more pastors to get into the original languages. Thanks for posting the link.

  2. Jim, I read that chapter the other day … convicting. What advice would you give a pastor who has let his language studies slip. Where do I pick back up? My skill is so limited. Is there a helpful tool out there you would recommend or do I just pull out Fuller’s Hebrew book and Mounce’s Greek? Help!

    1. I think if you commit yourself to 30 minutes a day for each language, and then if you discipline yourself to do it, you could review each grammar and start reading the biblical texts. Enjoy!

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