God’s Indwelling Presence: Five Sermons on the Spirit

Were old covenant believers indwelt by the Holy Spirit? What does the Old Testament say about where God took up residence? What does the New Testament say about the issue? If believing members of the old covenant remnant were not indwelt by the Spirit, how did they believe and remain faithful? What about those whom the Old Testament describes as having the Spirit in or on them?

And then there’s the question of the Old Testament’s promise of a new experience of the Holy Spirit – how does that fit in the big storyline of the Bible?

Can we take a close look at what the gospel of John says about these issues?

What about the Spirit in Acts?

Can I get some help from Romans 8 on how to overcome the flesh by setting my mind on the Spirit?

If you’ve asked these questions, you might be interested in my book God’s Indwelling Presence: The Holy Spirit in the Old and New Testaments. I don’t address every one of these questions in that book, but those questions are the ones that drive the five sermons on the Spirit that I preached at the Winter Bible Conference at Grace Church of Tallahassee January 25–27, 2013. On that page, by the way, there are also links to the talks Michael Haykin gave on Scripture and the ones Bruce Ware gave on Beholding the Glory.

Here are the titles of the sessions I did:

Session 1 – The Holy Spirit and Old Covenant Believers
Session 2 – The Promise of the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament
Session 3 – The Holy Spirit in John
Session 4 – The Holy Spirit in Acts
Session 5 – The Holy Spirit in Romans
Questions & Answers Session

Audio and video for each session available on the Grace Church of Tallahassee site.

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