My Thoughts on Beale’s NT Biblical Theology

I’ve been asked several times now what I think of G. K. Beale’s massive New Testament Biblical Theology. I’ve mentioned repeatedly how much I’ve learned from Beale. It was a comment Tom Schreiner made in a seminar that first drove me to a Beale article that set me trying to understand how the NT authors understood the OT (moving me away from the assumption that they did not understand the OT correctly).

So I have learned a lot from Beale and am grateful for him. I was honored to receive an invitation to respond to some lectures Beale gave at Midwestern Seminary, and Prof. Beale asked that my response be written in light of his forthcoming New Testament Biblical Theology. I was grateful for an advance look at the book, and my response to his lectures also contains my basic thoughts on Beale’s big book.

If you’re interested, courtesy of the editor of the Midwestern Journal of Theology, here’s the essay:

James M. Hamilton, “Appreciation, Agreement, and a Few Minor Quibbles: A Response to G. K. Beale,” Midwestern Journal of Theology 10 (2011), 58–70.

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