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  1. Dr. Hamilton

    It was great to see you again. This too was my first convention and I enjoyed it immensely. I must say, I thought the debate and vote over the BF&M 2k was confusing. Had I not had Dr. Howell sitting a few rows up to explain it to me, I might have voted for it. It sounded as if we were just reaffirming the BF&M.

    I would love to make Indy, but I think it may be cost prohibitive. I think that is the case with many of us “young guys.”

  2. Jason,

    I bet you have a friend or relative in Indianapolis. We stayed with the parents of one of our church members in San Antonio.

    And, maybe you could put together a frequent flyer miles flight up there.

    Start saving now!


  3. Jim,
    I couldn’t agree more with both points. The fellowship alone was worth the trip. On a side note, do you thing RAM would get nominated and would have a chance, since he is a . . . “C”?

    Love you bro.

  4. He is a C

    He is a C H

    He is a C H R I S T I A N!

    My money is on Mohler.

    Would that we could elect him President of the USA!

    Short of that, President of the SBC will do nicely.



  5. Dr. Hamilton,

    I appreciate your blog immensely, especially my seminary reading checklist printed from here. I hope to make it into your classroom in the next year.

    As to Dr. Mohler, I am excited to consider the prospect of his serving the SBC dually as a president of SBTS and president of the SBC as a whole. CB Scott has cautioned, however, that this creates a conflict of interest and could pose a danger to Mohler himself. What do you think about the potential conflict of interest?

  6. Colin,

    Thanks for your note.

    There is a precedent for Seminary Presidents serving as President of the Convention: E. Y. Mullins did, as did Paige Patterson.



  7. Hey Prof. Hamilton,

    That’s a good word for the young SBC guys – and as one coming in to the SBC – it will be one I keep close to me.



  8. Jim:
    Greetings from Aggieland.
    Good to see you again at the convention and enjoyed our short visit.
    I’ll drop by the campus sometime if I get the chance.


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