The Smith Band: Wonderworld

At a conference last month I had the privilege of hearing The Smith Band. Stephen Smith now serves as the Worship Pastor at First Baptist Church, Irving, TX, and they blessed me with a copy of their CD Wonderworld. You can hear tracks from the album on either their website or the Independant Bands site. I encourage you to check it out. The Smiths are super-nice folks, and they sound great—-both live and on CD.

The CD was produced by Nathan Nockels, and the songs express God-centered wonder at the stunning mercies of our great God.

My favorite track is titled “According to Mercy,” and its chorus goes:

“It was your love/That caused these blinded eyes to see/It was your love/That broke these chains and set me free/You came to save this life that was lost/According to mercy, that you’ve poured out on us”


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