Bible Rhymes’ Creation

I love poetry. My favorites include Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s “Kubla Khan” and Sir Walter Scott’s “Lochinvar.”

I also love the Bible, and I’m convinced that nothing has had a greater impact on the world’s literature than Christianity. Those who create stories are imaging God, who has created the grand story in which all humans play a role.

For these reasons, I’m delighted to see that K. W. McCardell is attempting to present the message of the Bible in the rhythm and rhyme of a poetry that can be read to children. The first volume, on Creation, is available, and you can download the electronic version for free, or you can buy a hard copy from the website, which you can get to by clicking the image below.

May the Lord continue to produce poets in his image, and may this poetry for kids be used to that end for the glory of God!

Update: My sweet wife just read this book to our three year old, who promptly announced, “Daddy, that’s the best book on creation because . . . um, um, um . . . toddlers can learn about creation!”

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