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  1. Jim,

    I’m honored by this post, brother, and by your kind words.

    For the sake of your singles pastor friend (and perhaps others), I thought I’d submit a brief comment on the structure of the book. In the words of Albert Mohler, “The structure of the book allows each of the five ‘paths’ to be presented with both theoretical explanation and practical application.” You can read Dr. Mohler’s entire review here:

    In terms of theoretical explanation, each contributor lays out their case for how to understand and “do” premarital romance. Then, as Jim noted, they are asked to apply their perspective to three scenarios, which range from the pre-college to post-college years. While each contributor holds to evangelical Christian convictions (regarding premarital sex being sinful, the marrying of unbelievers being inappropriate, etc.), a number of interesting differences are teased out along the dating/courtship/betrothal continuum (if you will). I explain this more in the book’s Appendix. The book’s Introduction (which sets up the structure for the book) can be read here:


    Alex Chediak

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