Spanish Translation of “The Center of Biblical Theology in Acts”

Saul Sarabia Lopez has served his fellow Spanish speakers by translating this essay into Spanish:

The Center of Biblical Theology in Acts: Deliverance and Damnation Display the Divine,” Themelios 33.3 (2008), 34–47.

If you know Spanish speakers who might benefit from Saul’s efforts, please do make this available to them:

El Centro de la Teología Bíblica en Hechos: La Liberación y la Condenación ponen de Manifiesto lo Divino

Hearty thanks to Saul Sarabia Lopez, and may the Lord bless his efforts!

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  1. I’ts My Pleasure Dr!!! Thank You for Your massive influence in my Theological Thinking!!!

    1. I had the same problem: the link to the Spanish pdf didn’t work. But I found that to be the case only from mobile (Android/Dolphin browser); when I tried it on my desktop computer (Windows/Chrome browser), it worked just fine. Perhaps it has to do with the encoded characters in the filename, the letters with tildes?

      Thanks for providing this resource. Greetings from Spain!

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