The 2013 Book I’m Most Excited to See

Warning, hyperbolic statement ahead:

More than any other book that will be published in 2013, I’m excited to see this new one from Brian Vickers. Having already published on imputation (which if you haven’t read it already, you should click right here and get yourself a copy of Jesus’ Blood and Righteousness), and having spent years doing exegesis, reading widely and deeply, and faithfully teaching students, to say nothing of living well through joy and sorrow, there’s nobody I’d rather read on the article on which the church stands or falls than Brian Vickers.

My recommendation is that you pre-order your copy today. Seriously, can you think of a topic more central to the gospel than justification by faith? Don’t think you’ve got this one in your back pocket. I’ve had the pleasure of many a conversation with Prof. Vickers, and I’m excited about the insights waiting to burst in the minds of the readers of this book. After you pre-order your copy, I recommend you write P&R to thank them for publishing this important book, and ask the Lord to do more than can be asked or imagined with this important new title.

Just in case you’re wondering why I would give the warning with which this post began, the problem is that my enthusiasm over this new one from Brian Vickers is approximated by my anticipation of forthcoming volumes by Denny Burk and Tom Schreiner.

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  1. In your enthusiasm you cited the title of a book by Mark Seifrid! “Jesus’ Blood and Righteousness: Paul’s Theology of Imputation” is the title you want.

  2. Is it too much to ask about the books coming out by Burk and Schreiner? Just a little sneak peak? haha!

  3. Actually, Vickers’ book is titled “Jesus’ Blood and Righteousness: Paul’s Theology of Imputation.”

  4. In additions to Jim’s comments, this is what others have said on Brian’s new book. . . .
    “Brian Vickers is both a brilliant scholar and a faithful teacher. In his new book he offers both theological edification and spiritual encouragement. Those who love the Gospel will welcome this new book.”
    —R. Albert Mohler, Jr
    “This is the first book I would give to a scholar or layperson desiring to learn more about justification.”
    —Thomas R. Schreiner
    “I can warmly recommend Vickers’ book to anyone seeking clear Biblical guidance on a central yet embattled truth and reality.”
    —Hans F. Beyer

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