University Baptist Church March 2–4, 2012

I arrived in Fayetteville, Arkansas in August of 1992. I remember the moment in my dorm room when I decided to visit University Baptist Church. Then I joined UBC, and the Lord used the pastors and people powerfully in my life. It was Gene Calvert, the college pastor, who really challenged me to begin memorizing Scripture, and it was Kameron Slater, Gene’s associate, who met with me early in the morning once a week for prayer and Bible study. I am so grateful for the way Gene and Kameron poured into me.

The fact that UBC was such a pivotal time in my life makes me feel deeply honored to be returning there March 2–4, 2012 to speak at the Spiritual Life Conference.

SFC 2012 – God: The Merciful Judge (Short) from University Baptist Church on Vimeo.

Details here. If you’re in Northwest Arkansas, I would love to see you there.

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