Piper Endorses GGSTJ

These words on the Crossway blog have me saying Soli Deo Gloria:

“I was riveted. Never do I sit down and read sixty pages of ANY book that I get in the mail. But I could not stop—could not stop reading and could not stop rejoicing over God’s Glory in Salvation through Judgment. It is the kind of overview of redemptive history Edwards wanted to write. It’s what I hoped would be written.”

–John Piper
Pastor for Preaching and Vision
Bethlehem Baptist Church
Twin Cities, Minnesota


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  1. Upon reading this to the girls, the neighbor dog started barking. CZ said, “that dog’s rejoicin’ too!:

  2. I’ve only read about the first 9 pages, but unless something else is presented, two thoughts came to mind:

    a) What’s the point? If the theme of the Bible is God’s glory in salvation through judgment, what does that tell me about God that I hadn’t considered?

    b) Is that really the theme? Does my life not bring glory to God unless He’s using me or showing me judgment? How does nature not bring glory to God, and where’s the judgment there? I would agree that our existence is for His glory…but I don’t know why that’s only, or even best viewed through judgment. If I testify to others about what God has done for me, as the Bible instructs us to do, wouldn’t that bring Him glory…without judgment?

    Maybe I need to keep reading…

    1. Please do keep reading – we live in a fragmented world, and I’m arguing that the fragmentation is more apparent than real. That it’s a delusion. That the Bible is unified at the core, and that the Bible will help us to hold together the UNI-versity of life.

      Against prevailing trends in the culture and the academy, I’m arguing that God has produced a coherent message and story in the Bible (it’s easy to affirm that, harder to demonstrate it, which is what I’m trying to do).

      And I’ve got about 600 pages there trying to argue that yes, that really is the central theme.

      Give me a chance!

  3. Dr. Hamilton,

    I see that your book is in some ebook formats and available for the Kindle, but will it be available to download through Barnes & Noble soon? I read a lot on my Nook and would love to download this.



    1. It should be on there. This from Crossway: “Should be. It’s available as PDF, ePub, and Mobi. As long as Nook supports one of those files.”

      You should buy a hard copy!

  4. So, when do you change your name from James Merrill Hamilton to “Jonathan Edwards” Hamilton? Just got your book as well and looking forward to working through it. God bless you.

  5. Congrats on the kudos from Piper, Jim. That’s a big deal! You put in the hard and prayerful work and God is beginning to really use your book. Not all of us agree with all of your conclusions, but the scope of your work opens up very important interpretations that need to be discussed and considered. I have been sincerely blessed through reading your book.

  6. I feel the same way…picked up the book today in a fairly unlikely place and made it through the first chapter. One of the notions that resonated most with me was the idea that systematic theology and biblical theology aren’t rivals to be held in tension, but perspectives on one another. Very reminiscent of John Frame and Carl F. H. Henry (also currently reading God, Revelation, and Authority, vol. 1). Looking forward to more–many thanks, Dr. Hamilton!

  7. also: in the interests of full disclosure I’d be remiss if I didn’t admit that I love the way you use so many of my favorite writers!!! (And I believe I detected at least one very subtle Lord of the Rings allusion in the first chapter as well…)

  8. I knew I liked that John Piper for a reason.

    And might I add that your choice of artwork on the cover (Caravaggio?) is breathtaking and perfectly suited for the book’s content.


    1. Thanks Bethany! : )

      I wish I could take credit for the cover. Sweet Jill suggested the incorporation of the Fleur de Lys, and someone at Crossway chose the painting, which is by Francis Danby.



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