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Thinking about reading through God’s Glory in Salvation through Judgment: A Biblical Theology this summer? Maybe it would help to gather some friends and go through it as a group, discussing things along the way. If you don’t have a quorum where you are, a group from Kenwood Baptist Church will be going through it on a 13 week schedule covering about 40 pages a week, and John Michael Larue has started a blog to facilitate discussion among those who might be scattered far and wide (dates and pages on the first post).

Some guys doing doctoral work at SBTS led church groups through the book as part of an application assignment, and they’ve given me permission to make some of their material available. John Lake provided an outline that guided the discussions in the group he led, and Allen Cagle worked up a set of discussion questions that he used.

Please don’t write this book off as too academic!

My 76 year old great-uncle has finished all but the last two chapters. He’s a farmer near the Mississippi river hoping the levee holds, and he loves the Bible and has faithfully taught Sunday School for lo these many years now. And if you need some encouraging testimonials, try this two-parter from a member of Kenwood whose husband is studying at SBTS: Part One and Part Two.

Steve Davis of WCTS Radio also interviewed me on the book, and you can hear that here.

May the Lord give us hearts that rejoice in his justice and mercy.

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  1. Hi Dr. Hamilton!

    Great idea. I’ve put together a Theology Reading Group for the summer, but we’re going through Bruce Milne’s “Know the Truth.” Wish I had thought of using your book! Perhaps I’ll use it for a future iteration of TRG.

    Many blessings!


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