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  1. How many gay friends do these guys have? That’s my only concern.

    They could also dress a little more normally, their present garb would do little to quell the fears instilled upon various gay bar attenders by their possible fundamental upbringings. All I’m saying is a hoodie and a nice pair of jeans would bring them off the high-horse that is keeping the gay people from hearing them. And they could carry smaller Bibles.

  2. Should we be alarmed that this pair’s 1st amendment rights were violated? Yes. Should we be surprised? No. Will we keep proclaiming the truth even when it means going to jail? Something to ponder.

    Nate, I am curious to understand your comment. What is the importance and/or relevance of “having gay friends”? Why is quantity of “gay friends” a cause for “concern”? Dress code and Bible size – how does that impact the effectiveness of the word? Were the apostles killed because their fisherman’s robes weren’t blue-collar enough, or because their Torah scrolls were over-sized? I am interested to hear the thought processes behind your comment.

  3. I am the man in the blue shirt in this video. We have preached literally hundreds of hours downtown San Antonio at all kinds of bars and at the Alamo.

    Several gays have repented at this particular bar. The police officer who arrested us has since been arrested himself for raping a “trans gender” man in the back of his cruiser.

    You can see that video included with this one at my youtube site

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