The Center of Biblical Theology in Acts

Andy Naselli announces the release of Themelios 33.3:

The latest issue of Themelios was released today, and it is outstanding! (It is available as a 129-page PDF or inHTML.)

  1. Editorial | D. A. Carson
  2. Minority Report: The Way of the Christian Academic | Carl Trueman
  3. The Gospel and the Poor | Tim Keller
  4. Shared Intentions? Reflections on Inspiration and Interpretation in Light of Scripture’s Dual Authorship | Jared M. Compton
  5. The Center of Biblical Theology in Acts: Deliverance and Damnation Display the Divine | James M. Hamilton Jr.
  6. Salvation History, Chronology, and Crisis: A Problem with Inclusivist Theology of Religions, Part 2 of 2 | Adam Sparks
  7. Ezra, According to the Gospel: Ezra 7:10 | Philip Graham Ryken
  8. Book Reviews | 32 reviews
    1. Old Testament | 4 reviews
    2. New Testament | 6 reviews
    3. history and historical theology | 4 reviews
    4. systematic theology and bioethics | 16 reviews
    5. ethics and pastoralia | 1 review
    6. missions and culture | 2 reviews

A revision of my 2005 ETS presentation, “The Center of Biblical Theology in Acts: Deliverance and Damnation Display the Divine” appears in this issue. The essay can be accessed in either HTML or PDF format. 

I am at work on a larger project on the Center of Biblical Theology, and I welcome any feedback that might present objections I should answer, things I should make more clear, or any suggestions as to how I could improve the argument I’m trying to make.

Or if you just want to register your opinion that there’s no center to biblical theology or that I’m wrong about what it is, you can of course do that in the comments, too.

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