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  1. Jim,

    I appreciate your notices but have been so busy that I can’t keep us with them. This one I especially like, however, and want to read teh book. I am sharing the Gospel more with an evangelistic team I met at a recent revival here in Dallas. It looks like a good read.

    I’ve recently gone through some soul searching. Even stopped writing my book arguments, but think I’ll be able to resume them soon. I sure hope so. Time is flying by. If I don’t complete this program it will be a shame. I envy you brother because you’ve got the program behind you. Do you know Dr. Eitle from Southwestern? I am hoping to apply to teach the revival class he has been teaching. Apparently he’s retiring, or just giving this duty up.

    Hope you are well, and enjoying fatherhood. Say hellow to Jill for me.

    God bless you,


  2. The conference was a beautiful reminder of the glory of the Gospel, and how it is seen through expositional preaching.

    I purchased the book the week it came out, but haven’t had a chance to read it yet. I’m excited about revisiting the outstanding messages from the conference!

    Are you planning to go in ’08?

  3. Jim is correct when he says that this book should be required reading for those preaching or in pastoral/ministries. I would submit that this book be read every year as a good reminder of what the WORD says this role IS, not what some are trying to make it into.

    At first I thought this book was just for preachers, but I am now convinced that every church member should read this book in effort to know what the Word says the Pastoral role is to be and ask ourselves if the pastors of the churches we attend are being true to the Word. Not in an effort to be more critical, but rather biblical.

    Furthermore, now that Sovereign Grace Ministries have made all of their audio sermons free for download, you can read each chapter in this book and then download and listent to the actually talk that the chapters were made from. The more of the 5 senses we use when studying, the more we retain.

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