Overcoming Sin and Temptation: A Suggestion for Pastors

Kelly Kapic and Justin Taylor have blessed us with a new edition of John Owen’s three classic works on overcoming sin and temptation.

You can read the commendations here. For my part, I have a suggestion that I hope at least some pastors and ministers will take up.

I’ve said before that I think every seminary graduate should have read or be planning to read this book. It would also be beneficial for all church leaders to have read or be reading this book.

So here’s my suggestion: if you’re a pastor or ministry leader, how about grabbing a couple guys in your ministry and reading through this book together? You could give them the book for Christmas and ask them to give you the gift of walking through it with you (and arranging the meetings!).

Take it slow and soak up this rich truth. You don’t have to cram, and with a book like this you shouldn’t. If all you do is 20 pages a month, and if you don’t meet more than once a month, an exercise like this might be the means God uses to protect you and those with whom you minister from the ravages of sin waging war on our souls.

Reading this book won’t hurt your preaching, either.

We can thank Kapic and Taylor for their labor on our behalf, and we should take up this book and fight for our lives against sin and temptation by the power of the Spirit.

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