Is A. T. Robertson Your Homeboy?

Well, perhaps like me you’re a little hesitant to assert “A. T. Robertson is my homeboy,” because we would not want to communicate any disrespect, and from the stories we’ve heard about the way he would summon students to stand up in class and give recitations of the lesson, we might be a little afraid […]

New Book from T. Desmond Alexander

Over at the Biblical Theology blog I’ve just posted on T. Desmond Alexander’s book, From Eden to the New Jerusalem: Exploring God’s Plan for Life on Earth. Having just read the preface, I was compelled to post on it here, just in case there are some who check this blog but not the other. This […]

Clarence Thomas on Interpreting the Constitution

This excerpt from a lecture Clarence Thomas gave is well worth reading. Here’s the conclusion: “Let me put it this way; there are really only two ways to interpret the Constitution — try to discern as best we can what the framers intended or make it up. No matter how ingenious, imaginative or artfully put, […]

Sage Advice on Learning Hebrew

Charles Halton:  How to Learn Hebrew How to Have a Successful First Semester 1. Have a good attitude. a. Learning Hebrew can be hard at times, but it is rewarding—find joy in your studies. b. You are fluent in at least one language already. Therefore you have proven that you have the ability to learn […]

The Spirit of God in the Mission of God: The Old Testament

Here’s today’s Installment of “The Power and Presence of the Holy Spirit“: The Spirit in the Old Testament In the Old Testament, we see that the Spirit is active in God’s work in creation, and from that point forward the Spirit provides God’s presence and power. In terms of God’s presence with his people, there […]

The Spirit of God in the Mission of God: Introduction to “The Power and Presence of the Holy Spirit”

I wrote up a study of what the Bible teaches about the Holy Spirit’s role in the Mission of God that badly overshot the word limit. Editing it down to the required length alters it so much that it has practically become another study altogether. The great thing about having a blog, though, is that […]

Justin Beadles Joins the Blogosphere

One of my favorite classmates from DTS days has joined the blogosphere. The folks at Grace Bible Church in Nacogdoches, Texas are blessed to have Justin Beadles as their pastor. And we in the blogosphere are now blessed to be able to add his blog to our google readers. Sometimes I wonder what this guy […]

The Warrior

I’ve posted on Dr. John Hannah before. He had a profound influence on my while I was at DTS. Now that I’ve figured out how to do single spacing (shift then enter), I’m posting this poem that was inspired by his teaching. The Warrior Inspired by Distinguished Professor Reverend Doctor John D. Hannah Proud generals […]

History of the Institute for Biblical Research

Something took me to the Institute for Biblical Research’s website yesterday, and I was delighted to see that back issues of the Bulletin for Bibilcal Research are online through 2005. I’ll link to some of my favorite BBR articles from years past in a subsequent post, but this post is on a most interesting essay […]