Visit the Sick, by Brian Croft

Auburndale Baptist Church is doing good ministry here in Louisville, KY, and it has been a joy to get acquainted with their pastor, Brian Croft, in recent days. Brian has taken up a topic that is all too often overlooked, and he has done us all a favor by doing it concisely!

If you’re a pastor, let me encourage you to grab this little volume and let Brian encourage you to shepherd the flock as you Visit the Sick. And, if you’re a pastor, don’t just get a copy for yourself, get a half dozen to give to those young guys you’re mentoring in the ministry, or to those older guys, maybe your deacons, who help you out with the visitation of those in hospitals or nursing homes.

I’ll never forget the time that Tommy Dahn visited my wife and me in the hospital at a time of pain and sorrow. He had the courage to show up. He loved us. He prayed for us. And he sealed himself to our hearts as our pastor on that day.

Don’t miss these opportunities to apply the gospel and the love of Christ to people–indeed, opportunities to live out the gospel and the love of Christ for their benefit. Take and read. And Visit the Sick!

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