Restoring Integrity in Baptist Churches

It’s great to see this volume on Restoring Integrity in Baptist Churches appear. Dr. Mohler writes: “The loss of a biblical vision of the local church–indeed the collapse of biblical ecclesiology in many congregations–is the greatest threat to Baptists. Restoring Integrity in Baptist Churces is a book urgently needed and well timed. The writers of […]

reThink: Decide For Yourself, Is Student Ministry Working?

My friend Randy Stinson sent me this book my Steve Wright and Chris Graves. I’ve only thumbed through it, but it looks to me like this is a very important book. If you’ve wondered how best to shepherd your own children, or how the church should shepherd its young people, you’ll want to consider this […]

Trevin Wax Interviews N. T. Wright

From an email that I’m grateful to have had forwarded to me: I thought you guys might be interested in the latest Said at Southern interview. Trevin Wax has recorded an interview with NT Wright for the Said at Southern podcast. You can listen to the Mp3 Interview or read the full transcript. Topics covered […]

The Future of Justification: John Piper’s Response to N. T. Wright

N. T. Wright is perhaps the most influential clergyman in the United Kingdom, and John Piper is perhaps even more influential here in the United States. And the two have crossed swords. This might be the most significant pastoral interchange of our time. In the Acknowledgments Piper relates that he sent the first draft of […]