The Blind Boy Who Played Football, Got a PhD, and Is Now a College Professor

Some of God’s people are truly inspiring. Travis Freeman is just such a person. This good brother experienced an awful tragedy as a 12-year-old when he contracted a horrible disease that took his sight. Though it took his sight, it did not take his hope, his perseverance, or his faith in God.

Travis Freeman continued to play football, not only earning a spot on his high school team but even becoming a starter. The blind man really did play football. But that’s not all. Through all this, Travis continued to trust God and felt a call to serve others by telling his own story and preaching God’s word. In spite of the difficulties and challenges, Travis did everything he possibly could to complete his college degree, his Master of Divinity, and his PhD.

Imagine all that PhD students must read: Travis had to take all that in through his ears. What other PhD students could scan or read quickly, Travis had to acquire on audiobook and then listen to such that he comprehended all that he heard.

Travis is a man with an amazing memory, having memorized vast portions of Scripture as well as his own sermons and talks. Having had the privilege of serving as his pastor, I testify that this brother is a true inspiration. I am glad to know that a movie is being made about his life. You can read more of the details here.

May the Lord continue to bless Travis Freeman, and may the story of Travis encourage you to persevere through the difficulties you face. You have not yet suffered to the point of shedding your blood, and if you’re reading this, you have not lost your sight.

There is much you can do. Press on!

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