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  1. Had to respond…don’t even know why I just saw this on facebook…but not sure this has been thought out…
    “The work of preaching is the highest and the greatest and the most glorious calling to which anyone can ever be called…”
    Who was greater David or Samuel who annointed him? David got way more print, was he “greater?”…how many of the disciples do we know for sure would be considered “preachers” like we know them today?
    What about the calling for all of us to “be holy?”
    What about the calling to raise kids to “Love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength?”
    There’s an arrogance among many clergy today that’s appalling to those who get in the “inner circle”.
    What the church needs is not more arrogant preachers who think they are special what we need is more preachers who live out the gospel by engaging the lost and modeling true discipleship. I can list several “strong” preachers who don’t know any lost people personally and wouldn’t know the first thing about engaging them in conversation and life. Many work at our leading theological institutions. I guess we should change the great commission to go and make “preachers” instead of disciples.
    Paul mentions several times warning us to not think more highly of ourselves than we ought. The truth is and today’s church statistics will bear it out, many preachers preach, but they are professional clergy and not personally reaching the lost. So how do we expect our church members to reach out, if our “preachers” don’t live that example out before their flock.
    Godly men and women who are engaging the lost on a daily basis are having a greater long term impact than most of today’s preachers.

    So are those who are called to equip less significant than those who are called to preach?
    Sounds like we would tell Godly businessmen and women that their profession isn’t noble and worthy of a significant blessing, because that is reserved for “preachers”. Really?
    Just strikes me as disconnected theology….

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