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  1. Baloney to Burke and Moore!. Kostenberger sees some problem with patriarchy, and the truth be told, there is a problem with patriarchy, radical feminism, and complementarianism. The latter is still so much under the influence patriarchy that one is hard pressed to tell one from the other. Their excesses and their failures to recognize valid reasons for exceptions that make for a broader understanding feed radical feminism and its follies. All three are lacking in a rigorous intellectual analysis. In the main while God goes His way with hearty belly laughs at such limited perceptives. He raises up an American Indian woman who wants to pastor and preach original Southern Baptist doctrine (meaning she came to love Sovereign Grace) and she was blessed to establish a church and hand it over to Southern Baptists who immediately informed her that she would never be recognized as the founder of that congregation. It is enough to make one roll on the floor with howls of laughter. And then there are the African American female preachers, some of whom, I dare say, will preach the truth and be blessed of God as Lottie Moon was in asserting that while she was never ordained, she was foreordained. Yuk! Yuk! Yuk!

  2. Some Iranian converts in my area are completely puzzled over this “patriarchy” thing. They said that Muslim women in Iran have more equality and that the evangelical church here in America has surprise them as far as our prejudice against women goes. These are Muslim converts. And they understand where patriarchy goes wrong. Why can’t we?

    1. JR, I find it a little hard to believe that a society in which women are not allowed to vote, drive, and are treated as beneath a dog would be puzzled over true “patriarchy.” Stop grasping at the straw of personal opinion and use logic backed by scripture.

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