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  1. Thrilled that the Gospel Coalition/Ryken is doing this.

    This also has tremendous possibilities for evangelism. I’ve already discussed doing a read through of this with unbelieving friends who have an admiration for Camus. Excited about spirit lead conversation through reading wonderful literature!

    Would love to hear your comments as the read through progresses as well.

    Every blessing in Jesus Christ,

  2. Any reading of Camus, or any other existential writer, can be aided greatly by reading the works of Ernest Becker, Walter Wink and William Stringfellow – particularly Ernest Becker. Becker’s views on the existential fear that all humans have of death – and how we find ways to psychologically cope with that debilitating fear – really opened my eyes to how Satanic forces drive us to embrace the “powers and principalities” in a futile effort to ward off death. It’s really amazing how all human beings (even Christians who have an eternal hope in Jesus) are terrified of death and how that fear works well below the surface in our lives, relationships and churches.

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