SBTS Dissertation Template

If you’re a PhD student at SBTS you won’t want to miss this from the folks at the James P. Boyce Centennial Library:

The James P. Boyce Centennial Library recently released a Microsoft Word template for dissertations to help ease the dissertation creation process for doctoral students at SBTS. In an effort to improve the template, we have just released a new version that includes built in styles for properly formatting Greek and Hebrew Unicode text. Using these styles will help ensure consistency in SBTS dissertations and will aid students in being able to quickly change fonts for their entire dissertation. We strongly encourage all students to use these styles as they format their dissertations.

The template can be downloaded from the Boyce Digital Library ( Any further updates to the template will be available at the same link.

I think there are still some folks around who had to type their dissertations on type-writers. Praise God for technology.

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