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  1. This is a good interview. The book sounds good…I think I might get a few copies. One for myself and a few for people in my family who think they’re “good enough” to make it to heaven and that not many will go to hell.

    I think he hit the nail on the head in describing the real problem…people don’t know the Gospel. Most people today, including so many nominal Christians, don’t understand the depths of their own sin and the holiness of God. They don’t understand why it is that Jesus had to come and die on the cross. I see this more and more every time my wife and I are around my sister…one of us will talk about how depraved we are in our flesh and she’ll look at us like we’re crazy. My mom tried to explain to us that the word depraved only applies to the likes of people out on ths streets…and our response was that we’re no better than anybody else because our sin is the worst sin that we know. It upsets me because when popular guys like Bell teach stuff like he does, it just gives encourages people to hold onto their sin because we aren’t really “that bad”.

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