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  1. After I was interviewed on gay marriage by our local media, someone left a message on our church answering machine suggesting that we would have a “burnt down church building if you keep saying gay people can’t get married.”

    (He didn’t block his number. We recorded the message. And the police gave him a call.)

    You rarely hear about these things.

  2. There is no question that proponents of gay rights and gay marriage often act in horrible ways against those who oppose their agenda. I think a good bit of the vitriol (on either side of almost any issue) can be atttributed to increased media presence (television, talk radio, blogs, tweets, facebook posts, etc). The whole country is becoming polarized over issues and people are forgetting how to disagree in a civil manner. Lord, just look at congress!

    The threat of violence seems to be a common by-product of any public policy debate anymore. People have threatened the life of Casey Anthony and Hillary Clinton and the Pope and Ted Olson (GWB’s solicitor general who is arguing for gays to be afforded the right to marry in California). Whatever stand one takes on almost ANY issue, someone is going to threaten to burn down their house, harm their kids or kill them. It’s important, I think, to remember that these are the fanatical fringe and are not representative of the average person.

    As for Denny’s example, I have to simply ask: Were the two women legally married? If they were, can the proprietor of a public business deny them services because they simply refuse to personally recognize the ladies marrital status? I have relatives who live in the south who honestly and fervently believe that it is a sin for a black to marry a white (they point to biblical passages in defense of this position). If my relatives were inn-keepers they would refuse to rent a reception room to a married interracial couple. Would they be breaking the law? Even though their personal religious views were being violated, should they not legally be required to rent the reception hall to the interracial couple?

    Jim, your trip sounds like it was incredible!! Glad you got to go! There’s no other place quite like the Canyon, that’s for sure!

  3. Reading the comment thread on Gallagher’s article was quite upsetting. For a group of people who complain about “hate speech” so much, it is quite ironic to read/hear the words that come out of their mouths.

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