Hear Flannery O’Connor Read “A Good Man Is Hard to Find”

I saw this on Andrew Peterson’s twitter page, and even though I think I re-tweeted it I felt it warranted a post.

At this link you can hear Flannery O’Connor read aloud her short story, “A Good Man Is Hard to Find.” This is a tale worth pondering.

I recommend you do the save as thing to this link and put it on your mp3 player to have a listen.


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    1. Nice word – Flanneryphilia!

      Have you heard/read the story? Some really profound lines from the Misfit at the end: Jesus thowed everything off balance . . . Ain’t no pleasure but meanness . . .

  1. I’m not sure. This is a running… “bicker” is too strong of a word; a running “thing” with Justin and me. He bubbles with joy about anything to do with FO’C, and I dribble acid rain on it.

    Having heard for years what a wonderful Christian writer she was, i read a book of her stories… and… well, goodness. She made Stephen King sound like the Leaping Fairy of Joyfulness. I found nothing remotely redemptive, hopeful, Christian or insightful in her writing. Plus, Roman Catholic, to be exact.

    So when I say things like that, Justin and his readers stoop to pat me on the head as if I’m not very bright, since I persist in missing the wonderfulness that is FO’C. Which could be true. Nonetheless, Sophie’s Choice was Mary Poppins compared to O’Connor.

    Now you know that.

    1. Thanks for writing well, brother; fun stuff to read! I hope you write many more books. Have you thought of turning your tongue to fiction?

      Great comment!


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