Looking for Good Writing? Check Out Moore’s Latest

If you’re asking whether there are any Christians who can write, maybe adding that you want a Christian who writes good theology with style, you should check out Russell D. Moore’s Tempted and Tried: Temptation and the Triumph of Christ. This is a beautifully written book. And it’s compelling, stirring, insightful, life-giving . . . Moore is a prose stylist, to the point that I find myself marveling at his constructions, his timing, the perfect placement of the piercing words.

Try out these two samples from facing pages (pp. 18–19):

” . . . the canon of Scripture shows us tracks of blood from the very edge of Eden outward. The biblical story immediately veers from Paradise to depictions of murder, drunkenness, incest, gang rape, polygamy, and on and on and on, right down to whatever’s going on with you.”

Then discussing Jesus tempted in the wilderness, Moore writes,

“If you will ever see the kingdom of God, it will be because of what happened under that desert moon, where the kingdoms approached each other, surveyed each other, and, long time coming, attacked each other.”

Here’s a conversation between Justin Taylor and Russell Moore:

Treat yourself to some edifying beauty: read Tempted and Tried.

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