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  1. Dear Jim,

    Please enable me to be exposed to your previous preaching, by video…If I need
    to defray some of the cost, please inform me. Can you enable to me be exposed
    to your previous messages of preaching, thru video?

    I have not been exposed to such preaching as this and I wish to follow Christ
    all the way you mentioned in your sermon….I want to study your OT book
    on Glory and Judgment and follow my commitment to study on your banner,
    Pastor Jim.

    My heart will continue to pray for you as long as God gives you voice.
    I love you Pastor Jim. I take you very very seriously in this day of very very
    weak preachers of judgement and the glory of God. You reawaken me to
    SL Johnson who loved me dearly before he went to Glory as God’s precious servant.

    David Perlmutter

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