Biblical Theology for Kids: Free Download

Need some help with family worship?

Want to communicate the big story of the Bible to your kids in a way that they can easily memorize?

Tired of reading board-books to your kids that are about nothing and less than nothing?

Here’s a gift for you from me and my son Jake: Biblical Theology for Kids!

We’re giving this to you in the hope that it will bless you and help you understand the Bible.

When we decided to try to do this together, I thought it would make a great board book. Turns out those are pretty expensive to produce, and it’s a lot easier to make this available here for free. If you like it, please pass the word to your peeps. The other night I looked at it on a friend’s Kindle and it wasn’t bad, but I bet it’s even better on an iPad, since those have color. Another option is to print it . . . however you access it, we hope it will serve you and your family.

Jake did the artwork as a four and five year old, and I think he’s probably a better artist than I am a poet. If you’re a parent, there’s a short note for you on the last page.

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  1. I also am starting it with my two sons. Not only is it a great way to get a handle on the overall theme of the Bible, it unlocks a lot of conversation about “why” this or that… Sort of like walking down the main hallway in the manse of Scripture, and stopping off in this or that side room to explore the rare treasures there. A super tool – thanks for putting it out here!

  2. We have a copy that your family graciously gave us last year and my two year old LOVES it. She regularly pulls it off the shelf and asks me to read it to her. Thanks for providing another great tool for us to use it teaching her!

  3. Thanks very much for doing this and generously giving it away. We will make use of it with our children.


  4. Is there anywhere to get a blank copy (no drawings) of this, with the poems and verses, so my daughter could draw her own illustrations?

    1. I would think this would be easy enough for you to produce, and you have my permission to take the text and paste it into a word doc that is otherwise blank. The font that looks like a child’s handwriting is called Zachary. I found it online somewhere. I bet if you google something like kid’s handwriting font zachary it would come right up.


  5. Thank you for providing this. We just finished reading The Big Picture Bible Storybook and I was looking for the next book for us to read. Now I have it! I look forward to using this with my son and eventually with Baby #2 due in August!

  6. Great things can come from small things, and in God’s economy…they usually do.

    Well done 🙂

  7. I’d love permission to use this with your tag line of course with our children at church. With your permission I’ll duplicate it minus the pictures for our kids to complete.
    I love how concise it is- just what I’m looking to use in my new christian kids class!
    First Baptist Church Moss Bluff
    Lake Charles, LA

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