Biblical Theology for Kids: Free Download

Need some help with family worship?

Want to communicate the big story of the Bible to your kids in a way that they can easily memorize?

Tired of reading board-books to your kids that are about nothing and less than nothing?

Here’s a gift for you from me and my son Jake: Biblical Theology for Kids!

We’re giving this to you in the hope that it will bless you and help you understand the Bible.

When we decided to try to do this together, I thought it would make a great board book. Turns out those are pretty expensive to produce, and it’s a lot easier to make this available here for free. If you like it, please pass the word to your peeps. The other night I looked at it on a friend’s Kindle and it wasn’t bad, but I bet it’s even better on an iPad, since those have color. Another option is to print it . . . however you access it, we hope it will serve you and your family.

Jake did the artwork as a four and five year old, and I think he’s probably a better artist than I am a poet. If you’re a parent, there’s a short note for you on the last page.

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