Free PDF of Leningrad Codex

Download a PDF of the manuscript behind BHS for free here.

I searched the database for “Leningrad Codex” and the results of the search are on this page.

It’s great to have these manuscripts, of course, but they’re worthless if unread. May we live in the book.

HT: Charles Halton

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  1. It is quite amazing that we are able to get this stuff for free, isn’t it! It wasn’t too long ago that the only way to read these facsimiles was to use the library’s copy that cost them hundreds to dollars. But, as you imply, with great blessings come great responsibilities…

  2. Oh no! The link doesn’t work any longer! I was so ecstatic to find the text to read. Oh well, on with my search. Thanks again. I notice you are an author brother Hamilton. I see your books advertised over to the right. Will have to check them out!

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